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5 Most Popular Drug Free Menopause Remedies

Of the different medical conditions that women dread, menopause is perhaps the phase that all of them wished they didn’t have to endure. It’s because menopause is the stage when their menstruation stops, making them infertile, or unable to become pregnant again. The average age of menopause is 51 in the USA, while it’s 52 in the UK. In India, one-fifth of women experience it even before they reach 41 years old. However, there are a number of drug-free methods for delaying the onset of menopause.  Let’s look at five of the most popular natural menopause remedies:

1. Ginseng

drug free menopause remedies

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Used in China and in other parts of Asia for centuries to enhance stamina, ginseng is now one of the most popular drug free menopause remedies. Noted to produce an estrogen-like effect, ginseng provides great relief from symptoms like vaginal dryness, insomnia and mood swings.

Patients however, are advised to consult with their physician first, because high doses of ginseng can sometimes lead to nervousness, morning diarrhea, confusion and depression in some women.

2. Soy

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Soy contains high levels of isoflavones – chemicals that produce a mild, estrogen-like effect. In a study published in ‘Menopause: The Journal of North American Menopause Association’, researchers noted that two daily servings of soy help reduce the ferocity and recurrence of hot flashes, by as much as 26 percent.

The researcher’s great interest in soy was due to promising results in Japan. The low incidence and frequency of hot flashes in Japanese women was believed to be due to their high consumption of soy, which often starts at a very young age.

3. Yarrow

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Yarrow is a medicinal herb that grows in large numbers in meadows, pastures and roadsides. Yarrow tea (and yarrow sitz baths) has been noted to be very beneficial in relieving hemorrhoids, indigestion, heartburn, colds and back pain. It also considerably reduces menopause symptoms like nausea, restlessness, vaginal itching and dryness.

4. Clary Sage Oil

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According to herbalists and natural health advocates, clary sage oil contains high levels of estrogen-like chemicals like sclareol. Although sclareol is actually not an estrogen, it can successfully mimic it, especially if the woman has an estrogen deficiency.

Sclareol also helps stimulate the body to produce its own estrogen. It’s known to balance a man’s hormone levels too. Patients, however should consult with their physician first before using clary sage oil, to determine the safe dosage, as well its adverse reactions with other drugs, if any.

5. Saw Palmetto

coping with menopause

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Saw palmetto is an herb that’s healthful for both men and women. It is used to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, or an enlarged prostate, in men. For women with menopause, the herb helps prevent the atrophy of uterine and vaginal tissue, which is a very distressing side effect of menopause. The herb also regulates certain hormones in the body, in both men and women.

Saw palmetto further reduces the severity of stress and anxiety in women who are coping with menopause. The herb enhances energy, improves mood, and promotes a better sense of well-being. For more interesting information, browse the pages of this site.

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