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Coping With Menopause – How To Help Your Partner During Menopause

Menopause can get pretty messy for both the person suffering it and the people around her. It’s an uncomfortable period in a woman’s life, and her discomfort manifests in mood swings, temper flares, and other unexplainable behavior. We know that it’s natural, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

During menopause, a woman can feel competent, strong, and hopeful. She can also feel old, unattractive, dispensable, and useless on the very same day. The drastic up-and-downs of her mood are not uncommon. For the people around her, however, it’s natural to feel frustrated. Here are some helpful tips for partners and family members coping with menopause.

1. Compliment, Not Complaint

At this stage of her life, a woman is constantly seeking approval. She needs reassurance that she is cherished and indispensable. This manifests through different ways, like her perpetually asking if she looks okay, if her dress makes her look fat, or if her lasagna tastes good.

When she repeatedly asks the same questions, you tend to lose your patience and snap. “I already told you, dear. You look fine.” Keep your cool. This is simply her way of reaffirming that she is loved. Assure her, no matter how many times she asks, that she is beautiful, lovely, and her cooking is absolutely fantastic.

2. Believe Her

This is a really difficult stage in a woman’s life. There is no instant and permanent remedy for menopause. This isn’t some illness that can be cured overnight. It takes time before the symptoms go away. So, when she says that she’s “doing her best”, then believe her.Even if you think she could have helped it, chances are, she couldn’t. Things aren’t so simple for her.

3. Patience; It’s Nothing Personal

Don’t take her moods personally. If she’s snippy with you, or she doesn’t respond positively to anythingyou’re doing to help, don’t take it to heart. Emotions are hard to decipher for her during this time. Suddenly yelling at you may be her way of letting off a little steam.

Women need as much relief as they can get during menopause. If it helps alleviate the discomfort, then she’ll do it, regardless of the consequence.

4. You Both Know It’s Happening

Don’t bother pretending that you don’t know what’s going on. She knows, and she knows you know, that menopause is making her do things and react in ways that aren’t typical for her. She’s losing sleep, her temper flares up and fizzles out in record speed, and all the remedies she’s trying, only have temporary effects.

Acknowledge this. Let her talk about her pains and discomforts. Let her get all her frustrations out. Show her that you’re willing to understand what she’s going through. Knowing you care enough will be a huge boost of morale for her. Even if you can’t empathize, it’s alright. Hug her, kiss her, and let her know you still love her despite all the new quirks.

5. Get Help

If the symptoms get pretty extreme, and it’s more than what both of you can handle, then it’s time to take a break. Find a therapist, or anyone you trust, to unload your own personal frustrations.

As for your wife, encourage her to seek professional advice. Get her to talk to her doctor and find out if there are any menopause solutions she can try. Suggest that she hang out with her girlfriends (who are probably experiencing the same thing) and share menopause horror stories. You’ll both feel refreshed afterward, and better equipped to handle this trying time.

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