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Dealing with Menopause – Follow These 7 Health Tips

Scared of facing menopause? Don’t be! We will give you a number of tips on how to deal with the symptoms of menopause. With an increase in your physical activities and healthy eating, you can surely overcome the challenges it will bring you.

Most women dealing with menopause tend to put a little weight every year. However, this gain is not due to hormones, it’s because their physical activities have decreased. So it’s time to get moving, create healthier food choices and get the best shape in the most natural way.

1. Increase your cardio.

Changes in your hormones can shift your body composition, making your middle full and bloat. To combat this problem, you need to increase your cardio. This exercise can boost your metabolic rate and lean down your midsection. Start by adding 30 minutes of cardio in your daily routine through running, biking or even walking.

2. Eat more fish.

Since there is a higher risk for heart disease after menopause, the remedy for this is to start adding fish in their meal. With just two servings a week, this can lower the risks of heart disease and can also increase your metabolic rate! If eating this meal might be a struggle for you, you can always take fish oil as your supplement.

3. Lose weight to lessen the hot flashes.

By just losing 5% of body fat, menopausal women can lessen hot flashes and will make them feel better. That’s why you need to start making healthy food choices. Furthermore, make sure that you’re working out to achieve this weight reduction!

4. Increase Your Intake of Calcium.

Once you’re in your menopausal stage, you need to increase your calcium intake from 1000 to 1200 mg a day. Even though the difference is not that big, the need for more calcium is a result of lower levels of estrogen production. Aside from drinking a glass of milk, you could try making a spinach shake. This will certainly help lower the possibilities of osteoporosis.

5. Lessen your intake of Sodium.

During menopause, a large number of women complain about bloating. Bloating is caused by the change of hormones. Now, the natural remedy for that is to lower your intake of sodium and drink more water. You might even want to add a splash of lemon in your water for a natural diuretic that will help in eliminate your bloating.

6. Avoid drinking warm beverages.

Warm beverages, along with caffeine, can trigger hot flashes. But this doesn’t mean that you can no longer have a cup of coffee. You can still enjoy this beverage as long as it’s decaffeinated and it’s on ice. In time, your hot flashes will surely lessen and you’ll feel great.

7. Start eating healthy

This is the time that you need to start eating healthy. Focus on consuming more fruits, vegetables, grains and lean protein. With this change, you will definitely lose weight and the risks for diseases will lessen.

If you devote yourself to eating healthier mini meals, you will surely boost your metabolism and lose weight. In addition to that, this will also reduce the possibilities of having breast cancer and other symptoms triggered by menopause.

 Just remember to think positive. In the long run, you will see that you definitely lived your life to the fullest.

Article Name
Dealing with Menopause – Follow These 7 Health Tips
Coping with menopause can really be a big challenge for you. However, if you're able to eat right and get some exercise, then you will definitely overcome this stage with ease.

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