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Drug Free Menopause Remedies – Common Sense Approach For Hot Flashes

Menopause is a naturally occurring event in the life of middle aged women. Defined as a state of the uterus no longer producing menstrual flows, such phase happens due to the permanent cessation of the primary functions of the ovaries.

Drug free menopause remedies are the first things that most women think of these days when suffering from the typical early symptoms of menopause. This perhaps springs from the fact that since the condition is natural, it’s only proper to find a natural remedy.

So how do you determine the hot flashes from the usual sensation of just feeling warm on ordinary days? The outward signs are profuse sweating and have from pinkish to reddish skin. This is a sign of a woman’s fluctuating estrogen production.

Menopause also has other symptoms which may or may not be experienced:
• Heart palpitations
• feelings of anxiety and tension
• a sense of dread that accompanies hot flashes
• feeling of agitation
• uneasiness right before a hot flash occurs

The experience of hot flashes varies. There are those who feel just enough warmth, others complain of burning up, and so on. Surprisingly, most women feel the chills after the heat.

Sleep becomes a problem when flashes appear during the night. Aptly called “night sweats”, these certainly disrupt sleep and may lead to a woman feeling exhausted and moody.

Today, you will discover several hot flash home remedies that won’t even cost you a cent. It simply takes a lot of sensibility and self discipline to banish away the discomfort brought about by the symptoms. Your day to day living may be affected but there are simple steps you can do to alleviate the uncomfortable situation.

• Avoid triggers
Know the factors that make you perspire profusely — spicy food, hot drinks, alcohol, caffeine, warm air temperatures, stressful situations and tight clothing to name a few. During attacks, take cool beverages, stay outside for fresh air. If that’s not possible, make use of an electric fan or hand fan.

Ineffective multitasking can trigger stress and hot flashes can follow. Slow down a bit and arrange your schedule in such a way that you only have a manageable workload. Spend time to know what triggers your hot flashes so that in time, you can avoid them. This is one hot flash treatment that won’t have you spending.

• Choose suitable clothing
On hot sunny days, wear cotton clothing or fabrics with light colors to keep yourself well ventilated. On the cold days, try dressing in layers to make it easy for you to remove garments when necessary.

• Adjust room temperature
You alone knows what temperature suits you. But if your body temperature changes suddenly, you can always regulate the air conditioning and heat in your surrounding to accommodate the changes.

• Cool sleeping practices
If you’re roused from your sleep by the heat, transfer to a cooler room, or open your windows for a while to let the evening breeze in. Putting a frozen cold pack under your pillow is a cool sleeping habit. Just don’t forget to turn your pillow over when you arise. Keep handy some nightclothes or a comfortable loose shirt next to you. You might need them in case you find yourself soaking wet from perspiration.

You can still think of more common approaches for hot flash treatments in menopause. But when other severe symptoms start bothering you, don’t think twice of getting medical help. If you don’t know what to take for menopause, then it’s time to consult your doctor.

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