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Drug Free Menopause Remedies To Relieve the Symptoms

Among the numerous menopause symptoms, hot flashes might arguably is the most stressful. It may happen in as short as 30 seconds to a minute, but when it does, it disconcerts everything in a woman’s system. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, experiencing hot flashes – at the start of the day, at lunch or most frequently at night – the moment it starts, it can be a real inconvenience.

drug free menopause remedies

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Hot flashes is a form of tingling, or feeling of intense heat accompanied occasionally with increase in heartbeat. The main scientific explanation of this phenomena is that follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) are reduced. In conjunction, it can also be due to reduced levels of estradiol. In more intense cases, reduced levels of both is addressed. The reduced levels of these hormones is often associated with menopause. Coping with menopause means that you have to deal with its symptoms.

When experiencing mild to severe hot flashes, resorting immediately to hormone replacement therapy does nothing. Prevent and remedy the symptoms in the comfort of your own through doing these following techniques:


what to take for menopause

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The only surefire way to prevent hot flashes is to stock up on phytoestrogens in the earlier years before the start of perimenopause. Phytoestrogens are estrogen-like plant substances which can be converted by the body as an alternative estrogen to replace aging ones.

Eating green foods also helps. Soy, red beans, ginseng and flaxseed are rich in phytoestrogen, with some studies on the last two taken notice by the scientific community.

There is no underlying theory why ginseng improves the severity of occurrence in hot flashes but in  randomized trials, the result tends toward prevention and improvement, not cure. Flaxseed singularly is the richest source of lignans, a type of phytoestrogen that both have estrogen agonist and antioxidant properties.


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Some lifestyle changes can be done to decrease the occurrence of hot flashes. In accordance to this, some foods can also help and aggravate the situation.

Lower alcohol intake. Alcohol encourages dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, it takes twice as much energy and antioxidants to fight menopause symptoms.

Cut back on caffeine. For coffee lovers, coffee actually aggravates hot flashes because it is a stimulant. Try hot or iced tea instead and limit the addition of sugar. When your body is dependent to caffeine, start slow by cutting back at least one cup per day. The recommended allowance per day is 300 mg of caffeine or below.

Change your wardrobe. Skintight, fitting clothes makes hot flashes seem more intense.  Stretchable airy clothing will remedy the situation. Hot flashes can last up to 30 minutes. With tight clothing, the heat levels may rise to unbearable levels.

Spicy foods are out. Capsaicin increases body heat, so avoid spicy foods and instead opt for  the cool ones. Have a refreshing watermelon smoothie after a hot meal. Make sure to always lower your body temperature in whatever you do. Avoid chili, pepper, peppercorns,  even excessively hot drinks.

Eat more vegetables. It is important to keep the gut alkaline in dealing with menopausal symptoms. The best menopausal remedy is to eat right, lose some weight and avoid stress. Eat organic when you can. Add soy in your diet to increase isoflavones. These are believed to have similar effects with estrogen supplements.

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