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Vitamins – Drug Free Menopause Remedies

Reaching menopause can be the ultimate aging experience – when done right. It’s the start of a new era – with reproduction on its final and dying stage, and a new-found zest for living life fully. Menopause, and perimenopause for that matter, is the transition of a lifetime for most women, ending the cycle that started with the menarche.

But with menopause comes a bevy of unintentional but completely natural symptoms. These symptoms usually come within the first 5 year pre-menopause period and can end up wrecking havoc on the transitional years until the full-blown menopausal stage. The symptoms are the body’s reaction to the adjustments the body undergoes. It manifests in various ways like hot flashes, intermittent mood swings, consistent back pain, weight gain, etc. While this is a completely natural bodily backlash, the symptoms can affect a woman’s quality of living, and thus it’s imperative that drug free menopause remedies should be ready on the get-go.

Perimenopause is the five to ten year leeway where most of menopausal symptoms appear. There is no definite “standard” time for the aforementioned period, as it is unique and different for each case.

Experts are in unison, however, that the average time period should last along three to eight years, utmost ten. Some women start experiencing perimenopause symptoms in their early 30’s and some women does not start experiencing the same until they reach middle 40’s.

Whatever the case is, women should know that they can opt not to undergo hormonal treatment or take pills to go through the transition. Natural remedies for the symptoms can be harnessed to alleviate and completely eradicate the dilemma. Most experts agree that eating right, having good nutrition, exercising daily, and keeping a healthy disposition increases the possibility of lesser symptom manifestation.

Help the body prepare the perimenopause period through stacking up with these vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin D

The sun vitamin is generated by the body through exposing the skin to the sun for at least 15 minutes or until the feeling of slight burn is experienced. Six hundred IU of the vitamin daily should be secured for calories taken go to the muscle rather than turn into fat.

As much as possible, get the vitamin naturally, but when in constraint, take the D3 rather than D2 variant. D3 is the organic, natural supplement, which the body does not have difficulty absorbing, while D2 is synthetic.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that helps maintain hormonal balance and is very useful in times of menopause and even aids in weight loss. Two grams of the fish oil daily is usually the recommended dosage.

Vitamin A

Having a good immune system is important in coping with menopause. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals. Boosting the immune system during the menopausal stage to ward off diseases is helpful for the body to adjust quickly with rapidly changing and declining hormones.

Coping with menopause may not be a walk in the park. Nevertheless, following the right methods in handling the symptoms is always doable if the woman is disciplined enough.

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